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Why Portraiture?

August 7, 2012


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People often ask me why I love portraiture so much and why so much of my photography is people-centric. When I first started taking pictures, I was photographing still life.  It wasn’t until one year when I was at a photography exhibit and I was drawn in by the work of a still life photographer. Most of his portfolio was beautiful scenes in Cuba. He was a master at dealing with negative space and the lines in his photography gave the viewer’s eye a guided tour of each photograph. Eventually, I tracked him down and asked him for advice about what I should do as an aspiring photographer. He didn’t have much to tell me other than to learn how to photograph people. I was surprised to hear him say this because he didn’t have people in any of his pictures.  He left me with a warning; portraiture is not an easy thing to do.

Since that day I changed my focus toward people. It would be awesome to come across the roll of film I was using that day because I could see this transition. I love being able to capture people’s personalities in images.  So many people around us are reaching out to tell the world who they are and to share their stories.  I feel honored to be able to facilitate this mode of communication with my photography.


Any thoughts?


  1. meghan colson Nov 12, 2012

    i like the light in the top image. it is so great when there is something between the source of light and the subject.

  2. Eat Pomegranate Photo Nov 13, 2012

    I totally agree Meghan. Typically, light like this wouldn’t make the cut but in this case it works really well.