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Welcome to Eat Pomegranate Photography’s New Site

August 7, 2012
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I am always looking for pictures of silhouettes of trees. Tree formation give me a sense of peace because these  giant living beings remain stationary as they endure whatever the world has to offer.  As we bustle around,  they must laugh at our restless nature.

I am excited beyond words to introduce the new website for Eat Pomegranate Photography. For many years, my photography has been spread across many different platforms; there have been casual pictures, abstract work, event photography, weddings, portrait sessions and they have all had their separate homes.  Until now there hasn’t been a place where people can see my portfolio.

In addition to photography, I am excited to share ideas derived from  daily musings. I am sure that as time goes on this blog will host ideas outside the realm of photography but there no limitations for where we all draw inspiration. This website will probably be most insightful for me to have a critical mass of inspiration collected in one place. I also hope to include other photographers who work under the umbrella of Eat Pomegranate Photography.

Before I go any further, I would like to give the most heartfelt thanks to Jon Eslinger and Justin “Bugsy” Sailor for designing and developing this beautiful website. They are both incredible at what they do and I am fortunate they agreed to work on this site. If you haven’t already seen their work, I couldn’t recommend them enough.


Any thoughts?