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Veronica and Adam

March 31, 2015
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Meet V & A

Winter weddings are really beautiful because of how the wedding colors pop against the white snow. Veronica and Adam braved the cold for a quick mid-day shoot in the park. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I liked putting them together.

V & A

You get to know people at such an intimate level when you get to spend their most special day with them. Veronica and Adam are two of the kindest souls I have ever come across and their kindness for each other melts hearts. I am not exaggerating when I say this but you have to pay attention to how Adam’s expression changes when he looks at Veronica. It was such an awesome experience to photograph this milestone in their lives. I hope you enjoy these photos.


This is the first thing I saw when I entered the Royal Park Hotel. These perfect apples were sitting in the Hotel’s library and if I wasn’t holding a camera I would have taken a bite.


This is a beautiful bouquet. The pop of green and violet set the color palette for the rest of the evening.


Vanessa is so intentional in her style; this dress is a beautiful expression of her charm and poise. Here mom and the rest of her family were standing behind me as I took this photo. I really wish I could understand Polish so that I could have joined in all of her family members glowing vicariously with Veronica.


While Adam was waiting, I got to take a quick shot of his brand new Shinola watch. The green dial matched Veronica’s bouquet and that wasn’t an accident.

Adam and his Groomsmen

Adam and his Groomsmen met us downstairs at the Royal Park Hotel as the Bride was getting ready.


Adam waiting to see his bride for the first time. I loved these little moments peppered throughout the day.

Groomsmen and the Bride

Adjacent to the mail lobby at the Royal Park Hotel there is a beautiful lobby. All of us loved the mood of this library and it went so well with the bridesmaid’s fur shawls.


These guys were such a pleasure to work with and their sock game was on point.


A photo in the conservatory with both Veronica and Adam’s families.


Even when the bride and groom do a first look before the ceremony, this moment is special. There is something beautiful about seeing your bride walk up aisle.

Veronica and Her Dad

Veronica and her Dad walking up the aisle.


I loved the symmetry of this shot.

At the Altar

I am probably weird for getting excited about things like this but doesn’t Veronica look awesome amongst her bridesmaid’s green dresses? Aside from how beautiful Veronica looks, I liked this shot because of the juxtaposition of color.

Planting a Tree

Veronica and Adam planted a tree during their ceremony. This part of the ceremony had such a nice personal touch and I always seek out things like this when I shoot weddings.

Let Love Grow

Veronica and Adam had saplings of evergreens for their guests.


Adam’s smile in this photo is infectious. I caught myself smiling each time I came across this photo in the editing process.


I have no words for this shot. I can only imagine the thoughts going through their heads. This photo was shot as they entered to greet their guests at the reception.


Veronica listening to speeches during the reception.

Adam and Mom

Adam and his Mom’s dance during the reception.


Such musically talented friends put the cherry on top of this already awesome day.


Oh and did I mention that they had a live band? These folks rocked!


The dancefloor was never empty this whole night.


.. even when the music slowed down.

Any thoughts?