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Sweet, Sweet Victory

February 22, 2017
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There has never really been a second camera in a room when I am shooting a campaign and when I am thinking my face makes weird expression. Here are photos of me, Erica, Terry, Brianna, Natalie and Quannie behind the scenes. Thanks so much to Travis for shooting a glimpse of how we brought this campaign together.

Art Direction: Erica Tedesco, Terry Sieting, and Khalid Ibrahim
Makeup: Quannie Ashley
Design: Erica Tedesco
Photography: Khalid Ibrahim
Model: Natalie Kozma
BTS Photos: Travis Frangie


This is how the Tommy and Charisse’s wedding ended. Let me take you through how the rest of the day went.

Tommy & Charisse

I think of photography like putting a puzzle together; there are so many variables that a photographer has to juggle to bring together a picture. Being lost in the puzzle of creating a photograph is one of my favorite things to do. Getting to a result that brings together people’s personalities, the setting, emotion, and light together makes every moment worth the effort.

These wedding photos are a labor of love on both sides of the camera. In front of the camera, Charisse and Tommy could barely contain their happiness for each other. Behind the camera, these emotions they were putting out there into the world were a pleasure to capture. I will let thes photos do more of the talking. Hover over the images to hear more stories about each image.


I am always looking to capture fleeting interactions between people—the little things we all notice, but forget almost just as quickly. Those passing moments make up most of our lives. This is why photographs are so exciting; they keep us connected to our surroundings, past and present.

This photo captures one of those moments. I was walking around Chicago and saw three friends enjoying cigars. I reached into my bag and got my film camera ready for a shot. As I was focusing the lens, the guy in the middle threw me a peace sign. I took the shot, put my camera in my bag, waved back, and continued on. I didn’t realize the guy was Steve Harvey until the scans came back from the film lab. In fact, if I had known it was him, I probably would have left him alone and given him a break from being in the public eye.

Steve Harvey, if this post somehow makes it across your screen, thanks for being so cool about letting me take your photo, and sorry for interrupting your cigar break. It looks like you had great company.


We stepped outside of the studio to start this session. A nice mix of environmental photographs and studio photographs is ideal for headshots.

You know that feeling when you meet someone for coffee for the first time? There is so much stimulation when you are just about to begin a new personal or business relationship. During these first few moments our brain absorbs a lot of information, we establish trust, and become comfortable with a new human being without even realizing it.
Unfortunately, with the prevalence of e-communication and social media, so few of us really get to sit across a table from each other. It is pretty common that a person’s headshot is the only time you get to see them. This is why I give a lot of attention to conveying people’s personalities in their headshots.

This is a photo series of headshots I did for Dianna, a realtor practicing in Mid-Michigan. Before starting each session I spend a little bit of time explaining how the session will go but most importantly I get the subject in the mood to be photographed. Getting pictures taken is so intimidating for most people and if someone isn’t comfortable, that anxiety comes through in the images. Dianna, was absolutely wonderful to work with and she loved her photos.


Smoke Screen

October 23, 2014
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Meet Shelby, she is an incredible creative and I hope to have many more collaborations with her.


I am obsessed with how light falls on smoke. This pop of color among the falling Autumn leaves was perfect. Shelby and I met at sunrise for this shoot. I was constantly changing my camera settings to accommodate for the rising sun adding light to the scene. This photo series is definitely the first of many. I could photograph people with colored smoke for days! Gah! Love it.


Sometimes I daydream about how fun it would be to shoot everything in square format. It’s a revolution baby … a homage to the large format days.


Those puffs of smoke look like mini clouds.

A Garden Wedding

Here is a next-day photo teaser to tide over the bide and groom as we are finishing up the rest of the editing. This was an incredible wedding at Southern Exposure in Battle Creek, MI and we still can’t get over how beautiful everything turned out. Thank you so much for having the eat pom team.



This is one of my favorite photos from this series.

Broad Art Museum

Actually, it has been more like a year and a half, but during this time I have had the most amazing opportunities to work for the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. The museum staff and I have collaborated on some incredible installation and architectural photography projects. When the Art Museum first approached me they requested that my photography equally showcase the art as much as the museum’s architecture. I have learned all about this museum; how the art lives amongst these walls and how people interact with the art and the architecture. It is amazing that after more than a year of photographing this museum I feel like I am barely touching the surface of how art can be showcased here.

A HUGE heart felt thanks to the museum staff. It is an absolute pleasure working with them every time.

This photos series is from an installation called “Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art


A tearsheet from the Museum’s website. It is always cool to see how my images are used on the web and in print.


The Axe

The axe was made from guitar strings. The creative direction required these photos to be  “edgy.” Luckily, we found a bathroom wall that was perfect for the look.

Terry, Traction, and Eat Pomegranate

Client: Capital City Film Festival
Creative Direction and Design: Terry Sieting at Traction

The Blade

Terry made this blade with film and the hand lettering showcases all the films that were playing at the film festival.

The Chair

The lettering for the chair poster paid homage to the  venues that make this festival awesome..

We finished up this shoot a day before I was leaving for Malawi and here are a few pictures of us exhausted from a long night of shooting. I love that Traction devotes this much time to making projects come out perfectly.