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Got a Cigarette?

I didn’t have a cigarette for him so he finished the last few puffs of the one he was already smoking.


Typically when someone is going out for a photo walk, they try bring as little gear as possible. I wanted to see what happened if I had a strong strobe and my full (almost) camera bag. At the risk of sore shoulders and looking a little silly, I walked out of my place with softbox mounted tripod and my bag. Here are a few photos from that evening.

Uncle Dave

He is known as Uncle Dave around town. He teaches a music class every day at the public library. Some days his classes are packed and other days no one shows up.


I loved that he had a Apple Watch on both wrists. He said that they both connected to two different phones.


Asher is a Sophomore from NYU and was visiting for a Karate event. I found him sitting here amongst a few hundred other people who were playing Pokémon Go.


I took this photo at Preuss Pets. The caretakers took this little dude out of his enclosure and he posed like this for awhile.

Radiolab is one of my absolute favorite NPR shows and I want to introduce an episode that makes my top ten list. As always, the show is produced with incredible skill. Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich get us to experience how other animals see the world. I was especially impressed because of how artfully they use the sense of sound to intricately describe the sense of sight. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did: Color – Radiolab (May 21st, 2012)

I am always thinking about how colors interact with each other and as a kid I always struggled with the concept that we all see things differently. Even within our own species, we have such variability in our perspectives; it is hard to put something together for everyone’s eyes.

Oh, also, the Mantis Shrimp or as Radiolab describes it “the pugnacious Mohammed Ali, sea going animal, with incredibly great visual sense” is now my all time favorite sea creature.


I loved the reflection in his eyes. I really don’t like snakes but there was a thick pane of glass between me and him/her.

Meet Kristin and Joel

The subtle hints of purple in these photos

Sneak Peak

You may remember Kristin and Joel from their record store engagement shoot. Here is a sneak peak of their beautiful wedding in Lansing, MI. Joel and Kristin are unbelievably in love with each other. As photographers, it was fun to capture their emotions and expressions as the day went on. I hope you enjoy these as much as we did and keep your eyes on the blog for the full set from their wedding.



These boutonnieres are made from the pages of a Harry Potter book. I loved the subtle touches that catered to the theme of this wedding.


I’ve looked forward to Amy and Jake’s wedding for many reasons, but especially because, during our first meeting, they told me about their plan for a Harry Potter-themed wedding. Every element of the celebration had subtle touches of the theme. Keep an eye out for the full set of photos-there are many more magical moments to come.



This is one of my favorite photos from this series.

Broad Art Museum

Actually, it has been more like a year and a half, but during this time I have had the most amazing opportunities to work for the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. The museum staff and I have collaborated on some incredible installation and architectural photography projects. When the Art Museum first approached me they requested that my photography equally showcase the art as much as the museum’s architecture. I have learned all about this museum; how the art lives amongst these walls and how people interact with the art and the architecture. It is amazing that after more than a year of photographing this museum I feel like I am barely touching the surface of how art can be showcased here.

A HUGE heart felt thanks to the museum staff. It is an absolute pleasure working with them every time.

This photos series is from an installation called “Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art


A tearsheet from the Museum’s website. It is always cool to see how my images are used on the web and in print.



On Thursday evenings there is a bike night in Downtown Lansing. If you drive through, you will see some of the prettiest motorcycles parked along Michigan Ave. I met Josh standing next to his Harley Davidson and asked him to be a part of the 100 Stranger project. Here he is in the middle of the street being awesome.


This image caught the eye of image curators at Yahoo. Soon after this photo was posted it was featured on Flickr’s Explore Page. Within hours this photo was viewed 7,000+ times. I never thought I would be featured on there and it looks like Jose’s photo had all the right elements.



The Axe

The axe was made from guitar strings. The creative direction required these photos to be  “edgy.” Luckily, we found a bathroom wall that was perfect for the look.

Terry, Traction, and Eat Pomegranate

Client: Capital City Film Festival
Creative Direction and Design: Terry Sieting at Traction

The Blade

Terry made this blade with film and the hand lettering showcases all the films that were playing at the film festival.

The Chair

The lettering for the chair poster paid homage to the  venues that make this festival awesome..

We finished up this shoot a day before I was leaving for Malawi and here are a few pictures of us exhausted from a long night of shooting. I love that Traction devotes this much time to making projects come out perfectly.



title wall

The museum and the artist ended up using this image for the publication and I loved how it combines the installation and the title wall.

Artist Series at the Broad

This exhibit has been at the  Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum since June 18th 2013 and will be up until October 2oth of this year. If you haven’t made it out to the museum, I highly recommend checking it out. This installation is a part of the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Artist Studio Series.

I was asked by the Broad museum to photograph how Lisa Walcott’s work lives and moves within this beautiful museum. It was especially difficult to show how the audience interacts and moves around Lisa’s installations. I asked Christina, my assistant to sit amongst the “Less Still” exhibit and we created the photo above. I hope you like these photos and if you are by the museum, be sure to pick up the publication.

(December 29th, 2013)

Along with heart warming kind words, the artist shared some videos of her work with me.

I have included links to her site below:


Vice Versa:


Less Still

Christina sat down these bouncing balls for this shoot. I always love the human element in images to show perspective and interaction. This might be my favorite shot from this set.


This is another one of the final images to be selected for the Broad publication. I had to spend a bunch of time on the floor to get this just right.


This piece is incredible and I wish I had a video of it. I highly recommend checking this out in person.

The beauty is all in the details.


It is a huge honor to have some of this work published, especially because my images traveled across the desks of the artist and the incredible team at the Broad.

Thanks you!!!

Kind words


I always love shooting hands, I think our hands and touch tell so many stories. I loved this shot the most because it encompasses the relationship between these two.

Plaid, Bicycles, and a Picnic

Kim and Tony are getting married next year and they really wanted to do a portrait session in Autumn. A few other things I love were thrown in there; a picnic, bicycles, hot coffee, plaid, and pretty people. All these things came together for this shoot and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed shooting it.