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Everything about this wedding is fly. Both Elise and Spencer have great taste. Their taste level was prominent in every aspect of their wedding. The invites, the wedding program, and the place cards were designed by Elise. When the guests arrived at the reception hall, they were surrounded by orchids everywhere. The bride and groom followed the guests in a really sexy purple mercury. I could have spent have the day photographing this car. Ok, I am going to save you from a major digression and let you enjoy these photos.


People’s stories live in the details and this watch sets the tone for Spencer’s outfit.


Can’t you picture the beginning of a movie from this scene. Elise and Spencer made this wedding easy to shoot.


White on white on white



March 27, 2018
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This photo series explores the quiet weekend hours that break up one workweek from another. I got to hang out with Shelby at her beautiful place as she walked me through some of her weekend rituals. Out of everyone I know, Shelby is one of the most calming personalities. Even when her mind is a buzz with ideas, she is able to maintain an equilibrium; I admire these personality traits beyond words.


Early Saturday day mornings are so special to me. During those quiet hours you get to see what your apartment looks like with sunlight. Most weekday mornings, people pet their cats and run out of their houses while it’s still dark. It’s easy to forget the comfortable corners of our respective dwellings. Saturday mornings remind us that these nooks make our places our homes.


Sound and Color

March 15, 2017
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The Bell Choir before this wedding ceremony set the tone for such a beautiful wedding to come. I am including a photo teaser here of Katey and Eric’s gorgeous wedding. Weddings are such personal and intimate affairs and a couple’s personality shines through every aspect of a wedding. It was so incredible to see these families come together.



This is how the Tommy and Charisse’s wedding ended. Let me take you through how the rest of the day went.

Tommy & Charisse

I think of photography like putting a puzzle together; there are so many variables that a photographer has to juggle to bring together a picture. Being lost in the puzzle of creating a photograph is one of my favorite things to do. Getting to a result that brings together people’s personalities, the setting, emotion, and light together makes every moment worth the effort.

These wedding photos are a labor of love on both sides of the camera. In front of the camera, Charisse and Tommy could barely contain their happiness for each other. Behind the camera, these emotions they were putting out there into the world were a pleasure to capture. I will let thes photos do more of the talking. Hover over the images to hear more stories about each image.


Khalid Angela Exchange

The final product from the May 2016 collaboration with Angela.

This reminds me of those long runs when you keep repeating a mantra. After a few miles everything starts happening in a beautiful rhythm of your cadence, your breathing, and you heartbeats.

Angela Southern and I are launching a new collaborative project. If you haven’t seen her work already, be sure to check out her portfolio. She is an absolutely incredible lettering artist and illustrator. We have known each other for years and I am so excited to bring our work together. Every month, we will be working from one prompt and creating a joint piece at the end. I will be sharing these collaborations here on my blog and on Instagram.


A photo of Dr. Mona (she goes by her first name) outside Hurley Children’s Center in Flint.

My camera brings me across some incredible personalities. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha’s name is synonymous with “Flint Water Crisis”—her research blew the lid off the lead poisoning of thousands of people in Flint. She has been interviewed on CNN about her work, written for the New York Times, and most recently named one of the Time’s 2016 100 most influential people. A few weeks after her research findings were announced, I was asked to go to Flint to photograph her for an Inspirational Woman of the Year Award.

Before arriving, I knew I would have just a few minutes with Dr. Mona. However, as soon as I shook her hand, I felt a sense of calm. I’m grateful for her time spent taking portraits amidst a day of her clinical obligations. Sometimes, I have a very small window to tell someone’s story. In the little bit of time we had together, these photos were my impression of Dr. Mona.

Sara and Corey

March 20, 2016
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A third of the guest at this wedding were kids. Sara and Corey had all the right things to keep them occupied. I loved the personality these added to the wedding and whenever the adults started to slow down, the kids brought them back to the dance floor. The film rolls from this wedding are off to the lab tomorrow but here is a quick next-day-edit of the digital images for Sara and Corey. enjoy!


Looking Up

December 3, 2015
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Here are two photos from my last trip to NYC. I drove across the country with my parents and sisters to surprise my brother at his favorite restaurant. It was a really memorable trip—almost too memorable for me to be behind a camera the whole time. After we found him, I was walking through the city and came across the building on the left. I loved how the clouds were rolling over us and I knew that film would have enough dynamic range to capture the building and the bright sky. That was the last photo on that roll. Right after the exposure, I huddled down to replace the film. My next shot was the photo on the right. It wasn’t until I saw my film scans that I realized how these images perfectly mirror each other. Even the clouds in each photo seem to blend together across these frames.

The time it takes to receive your film scans from the lab is perfect for inducing deja vu. It is almost like they wait to scan the images till this tipping point just beyond a fading memory. I have been traveling with only my film photography gear for the last few trips. Film makes me shoot a lot less and I get better at remembering my environment aside from the camera’s viewfinder. Ask any film photographer and they will tell you about the joy of receiving your scans.

Once in a while, those scans reveal correlations like this one. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

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P.S. I am writing this blog post from a coffee shop in Portland, OR. Just as you start forgetting about this post, I will upload photos from my current trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Flora and Fauna

Sometimes I take my camera out for a walk and make it a rule to shoot living things other than humans. All of these things make our world prettier and this photo series is a selection from some of these walks.

Come Together

This photo series is about food and how it brings us all together. These images were shot in Michigan, South Africa, and Malawi.