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Here is a series of images I art directed and shot for the cover story of the Lansing City Pulse. I have been shooting the People Issue of the City Pulse for the last few years and this year The City Pulse editor gave me total creative freedom for the cover. The publication picks 10 people from the community who are making an impact in this city and do in depth stories about them. I wanted to shoot these silhouettes to show that there is a lot more to each person.


A photo of Dr. Mona (she goes by her first name) outside Hurley Children’s Center in Flint.

My camera brings me across some incredible personalities. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha’s name is synonymous with “Flint Water Crisis”—her research blew the lid off the lead poisoning of thousands of people in Flint. She has been interviewed on CNN about her work, written for the New York Times, and most recently named one of the Time’s 2016 100 most influential people. A few weeks after her research findings were announced, I was asked to go to Flint to photograph her for an Inspirational Woman of the Year Award.

Before arriving, I knew I would have just a few minutes with Dr. Mona. However, as soon as I shook her hand, I felt a sense of calm. I’m grateful for her time spent taking portraits amidst a day of her clinical obligations. Sometimes, I have a very small window to tell someone’s story. In the little bit of time we had together, these photos were my impression of Dr. Mona.


People often ask Brian why he runs. In response, he talks about how as kids most of us ran to and fro from everywhere. Brian never stopped running.

There is something incredibly zen about running long distances. After your first few steps, your brain stops telling your legs to move, the message is originated from your spinal column (Dietz, 2003). This “mini-brain” in your spinal column is incredible at sending rhythmic signals to your legs and is smart enough to help you navigate around changes in terrain (Frossberg, 1975). When people have been running for a long distance, it starts to feel like you are gliding along a path and that feeling is probably better than anything. Sorry – I digress.

Here is a photo-story of what it is like to run a 100 mile race. Brian ran the Kettle Moraine 100 Mile Race over the weekend. He is an incredible ultra-marathoner and his shoulders met with runners from Hawaii and even as far as Japan.
I hope you enjoy these photos and make sure to tap (mobile version) or hover over (desktop version) for stories behind each of these images.


Really Pretty

March 11, 2015
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Sometimes I get to hang out with really pretty cars and then things like this happen. I might have fallen in love.


This is from a shoot for a client with really gorgeous cars. Just as I was leaving the set to move on to the next car I saw this red tree. gah! Swoon!

Sgt. Pepper

“Meet Sgt. Pepper, a first generation 2003 MINI Cooper Hardtop lovingly named for its Chili Red paint, and The Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Also referred to as Pepé, this darling MINI was my first auto purchase at age 19, and a first step towards an unrelenting love affair with driving. With its red coat, and white roof, mirror caps, and bonnet stripes, Sgt. Pepper’s styling is the epitome of a classic cooper. Having shared 60,000 miles of engine-revving, corner-ripping, road-thrashing togetherness, this MINI will remain fondly parked in my heart for the rest of time. “


Most of my friends are not “car people.” You know, the kind who would be able to rattle off specs for every shiny sports car they see on the road. Or the ones whose hearts race in sync with the rev of a fine-tuned engine. Vicari is the definition of a car person.

This was a shoot about Vicari’s love for her MINI Coopers. Her passion for cars is absolutely infectious. If you know Vicari, find an opportunity to be with her when she presses the ignition button on her new MINI.

Vicari is a wordsmith, and it was more appropriate for her to craft some words about these cars. We met up under a bridge outside my studio for this shoot. The industrial backdrop was perfect for the MINI’s mischievous nature.



“And meet Bane, my second generation 2012 MINI Cooper S Hardtop, named for The Dark Knight Rises’ ruthless mercenary. With over ten million different ways to configure a MINI, Bane’s styling, and its badass connotation, is truly one-of-a-kind. I lusted for its blacked-out body, those matte sport stripes, and its striking two-tone red leather interior. Despite its size, this MINI is gutsy, and perhaps best described as a go-kart on steroids. Do be careful—at the start of it’s engine, you may find your pants have magically dropped. After 1,000 miles together, it’s really quite apparent; I’ve fallen in love again.”


This is one of my favorite photos from this series.

Broad Art Museum

Actually, it has been more like a year and a half, but during this time I have had the most amazing opportunities to work for the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. The museum staff and I have collaborated on some incredible installation and architectural photography projects. When the Art Museum first approached me they requested that my photography equally showcase the art as much as the museum’s architecture. I have learned all about this museum; how the art lives amongst these walls and how people interact with the art and the architecture. It is amazing that after more than a year of photographing this museum I feel like I am barely touching the surface of how art can be showcased here.

A HUGE heart felt thanks to the museum staff. It is an absolute pleasure working with them every time.

This photos series is from an installation called “Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art


A tearsheet from the Museum’s website. It is always cool to see how my images are used on the web and in print.


The Axe

The axe was made from guitar strings. The creative direction required these photos to be  “edgy.” Luckily, we found a bathroom wall that was perfect for the look.

Terry, Traction, and Eat Pomegranate

Client: Capital City Film Festival
Creative Direction and Design: Terry Sieting at Traction

The Blade

Terry made this blade with film and the hand lettering showcases all the films that were playing at the film festival.

The Chair

The lettering for the chair poster paid homage to the  venues that make this festival awesome..

We finished up this shoot a day before I was leaving for Malawi and here are a few pictures of us exhausted from a long night of shooting. I love that Traction devotes this much time to making projects come out perfectly.


Truth Coffee's Bean Dispenser

The plaque right next to the gas mask said “Professor Jones’s Fabulous Coffee Bean Contraption” and it perfectly fit the mood. I also love how the chaos of this machine ends with a minimal white bag.

I love coffee. When ever I am in a new city I look for the best coffee shops. Some of you may have seen photos from an earlier post about Double Shot in Johannesburg. From traveling around, I have made some of my best memories by sitting at a coffee shop and taking in the sights of a new city. I always meet cool people and get the best sense of what a city is all about at places like this. I had come across a design blog about Truth Coffee about a year ago and had fallen in love with the decor. It was serendipitous that my hotel room was so close to this place and I am so happy I made it out. The attention to detail in the coffee they make and the decor was awe inspiring. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed having coffee there.

This is Truth.

We passionately believe in quality above all else. We know that we have to live up to our name. We believe in continuos learning. We believe that people are our assets. We believe in challenging the fundamental principles applying to everything that we do because we know that there is a better way. We believe in being involved. We believe in the potential and the power of the individual. We know that our collective ability will achieve the extra-ordinary. We believe that if it is worth doing anything, it is worth being world class; challenging the constant tide of mediocrity. We don’t believe in hiding behind the hype, hoopla and certification of sustainability, organic or fair trade. We believe that you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. We need to make a real world difference. Honesty in our beliefs and relationships is part of what makes us who we are. Now we happen to make coffee; these principles apply to every facet of our coffee.



South Asian Fashion

This is from a shoot for a South Asian Fashion line. The color and intricate design makes for really vibrant photographs and settings like this are hard to find in the US. I couldn’t be happier with how things came out.
It has been an amazing year of great opportunities. I am so thankful for people who let me take photos of them. I was recently talking to a friend about an NPR story about how portraiture results in a “subject and photographer connecting intensely for a brief period of time.” I am absolutely humbled to think of the people who stood in front of my camera this past year and if I could thank them all over again, I would.

I have put together this collection of 13 photos that reflect on 2013. I hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as I liked putting together this set. Roll over the images to read the respective image’s back stories.


Will and I have done a few shoots together but this day was especially cold. We walked out to the river trail to take these photos.

Learning from 2013

Looking through the images from this past year allowed me to relive beautiful weddings that took me around the US, creative directors who allowed me to flex my creative muscle, and other travel adventures with my camera; I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Every year I learn more about photography and this self-review was eyeopening. It is really interesting to see my progression as a photographer and I am drafting up goals for 2014.
I have great things to look forward to and I am giddy with anticipation.


I am not a hunter nor do I own any guns but I am absolutely obsessed with this photo. I like the feeling this image creates and without blatantly showing a gun, it tells the viewer a story. I love it.


This is a portrait of Jessy at her wedding on a farm in Mason, MI. This field was a photographer’s dream come true and soon after the ceremony we headed out to this field for a portrait.

Wedding Dress

This is a photo from Jessica and Brad’s Mackinac Island wedding. This picture was taken a few shorts moments after Jessica put on her dress for the first time.

Wedding Portrait

This is a portrait on the bluff in St. Joseph Michigan for Kristen and Joe’s wedding.