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Tommy and Charisse


This is how the Tommy and Charisse’s wedding ended. Let me take you through how the rest of the day went.

Tommy & Charisse

I think of photography like putting a puzzle together; there are so many variables that a photographer has to juggle to bring together a picture. Being lost in the puzzle of creating a photograph is one of my favorite things to do. Getting to a result that brings together people’s personalities, the setting, emotion, and light together makes every moment worth the effort.

These wedding photos are a labor of love on both sides of the camera. In front of the camera, Charisse and Tommy could barely contain their happiness for each other. Behind the camera, these emotions they were putting out there into the world were a pleasure to capture. I will let thes photos do more of the talking. Hover over the images to hear more stories about each image.

Getting Ready

Charisse did her own makeup and hair. I don’t get to photograph people doing makeup themselves on wedding days and this made it pretty cool.


Custom robes for the squad


Tommy and his groomsmen were getting ready just a few floors below.

Little Reactions

Charisse’s niece and nephew’s reactions to her dress.


Everyone left the room when Charisse was getting ready and these were the bridesmaids reactions as they walked back in.


Charisse and Tommy have so many memories around Columbus. They picked this mural for their first look.


Charisse is basically a model. #nbd

Drive By

After the bride and groom were done getting ready, we got in a limo and drove around Columbus. I had scouted a few places where I wanted to take pictures but we kept coming across the most beautiful settings. As we came across this bridge, I had to ask the driver to give us a little time to shoot. I am so happy we got this shot.


Charisse’s sisters were her bridesmaids as well. I loved this tattoo the three sisters have. I also am pretty obsessed with triangles.


The groomsmen just casually walking through the streets of Columbus.

Dock 580

The bride and groom got married at Dock 580 in Columbus.


These bubbles made our day. Charisse’s niece walked through this cloud of bubbles to announce the bride.


Family makes weddings come to life. I always love meeting people’s parents because it gives me a glimpse into their childhood.


This wedding had a huge table dedicated to cookies and it was a major hit.


There was a fear of rain the whole day and I had a greenhouse reserved for us to use in case it started pouring. Luckily the rain didn’t start till this very last shot with these two. What a perfect day.