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Strobing around

July 21, 2016
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Got a Cigarette?

I didn’t have a cigarette for him so he finished the last few puffs of the one he was already smoking.


Typically when someone is going out for a photo walk, they try bring as little gear as possible. I wanted to see what happened if I had a strong strobe and my full (almost) camera bag. At the risk of sore shoulders and looking a little silly, I walked out of my place with softbox mounted tripod and my bag. Here are a few photos from that evening.

Uncle Dave

He is known as Uncle Dave around town. He teaches a music class every day at the public library. Some days his classes are packed and other days no one shows up.


I loved that he had a Apple Watch on both wrists. He said that they both connected to two different phones.


Asher is a Sophomore from NYU and was visiting for a Karate event. I found him sitting here amongst a few hundred other people who were playing Pokémon Go.

Any thoughts?