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That one time I photographed Steve Harvey

I am always looking to capture fleeting interactions between people—the little things we all notice, but forget almost just as quickly. Those passing moments make up most of our lives. This is why photographs are so exciting; they keep us connected to our surroundings, past and present.

This photo captures one of those moments. I was walking around Chicago and saw three friends enjoying cigars. I reached into my bag and got my film camera ready for a shot. As I was focusing the lens, the guy in the middle threw me a peace sign. I took the shot, put my camera in my bag, waved back, and continued on. I didn’t realize the guy was Steve Harvey until the scans came back from the film lab. In fact, if I had known it was him, I probably would have left him alone and given him a break from being in the public eye.

Steve Harvey, if this post somehow makes it across your screen, thanks for being so cool about letting me take your photo, and sorry for interrupting your cigar break. It looks like you had great company.