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Stephanie and Daniel

October 10, 2018
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A party

I hope you are ready to see the photo-story of a party.

When I first met Stephanie and Daniel, it was in the middle of a huge snow storm. We were going to meet in an evergreen garden for their engagement photos and I was worried they wouldn’t be able to make it through all the snow. After about a half hour of shooting in the middle of a Michigan winter storm, we warmed up at a coffee shop. Over that cup of coffee, I learned that Daniel was moving back to Michigan from the sunny beaches of California to be with Stephanie. I remember us talking about base layers and warm winter jackets. Over the following months, I learned so much more about these two. Photographing a wedding is such an intimate experience because I get to observe and record someone’s favorite day. Weddings have emotional highs and lows and I feel fortunate for being there every single moment.


When I showed up to Stephanie’s house all the bridesmaids were wearing this matching robes. They know how to live life.


Stephanie had the most epic veil.

Getting Ready

Pre-cremony hangs.


I really like finding the beauty in simple things during a wedding and this photo is a perfect example of that.


All day I got to witness people being in awe of this dress.


At a wedding good personalities come through in photography and these three were a blast to hang out with.


These gardens were in perfect bloom around Stephanie and Daniel’s wedding.


The Country Club of Lansing awaiting the guests after the cocktail hour.


Details like this take weddings to the next level.


I love how the drink is spilling over the edges. Sometimes imperfect things tell the best stories.


We did a mini posing seminar

ring and drinks

This picture alone tells the whole story of the cocktail party.


After the ceremony everyone is usually much more relaxed. A lot of the big things have already happened and people can party.


Ah, another one of my favorites.


A good toast sets the tone every wedding.


Stephanie and Dan at they first dance


Stephanie with her dad


This is one of my favorite photos from the wedding. At the end of a wedding everyone is so relaxed and most people have forgotten about a camera being around and that results in moments like this.

Second Photographer: Shelby Robinson
Reception: Country Club or Lansing
Videographer: Vinspirations
DJ: Hot Beats Entertainments
Cake: Sweet Cake Company
Wedding Planning: W.E.D

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