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Stephanie and Daniel

November 21, 2013

Meet Stephanie and Daniel

Stealing a kiss at the ice cream parlor

Pieces of a puzzle

Get ready to see so many cool details. As photographers we couldn’t get enough of the little things that Stephanie and Dan brought together to make their wedding really personal. This was a set of puzzle pieces that the guests could write on.

Stephanie's Dress

A beautiful dress awaits as Stephanie gets ready. I know, I know, I am going to lay the cheese on pretty thick for this wedding.

Stephane and Dan in Grand Ledge

Stephanie and Dan had one of the cutest weddings at the Grand Ledge Opera House. They paid attention to so many little things that it was a blast for us to be out shooting with them. The center pieces on all the tables were unique for each table, there were blow up globes on the dance floor, Stephanie made the altar herself, and the list goes on. I hope you enjoy look through these images as much as we enjoyed shooting this wedding.


Makeup by the most wonderful Mrs. Snyder.

Stephanie Getting Ready

I love that you can see the hairspray in this shot. I waited a while for this to happen. BOOM!


This is exactly how she wanted her hair; like exactly.


I am going to make it look like the girls got ready before the guys; they didn’t.


Stephanie in her rockin’ dress.

The guys

Daniel’s vest and The Gluenuvet… oh and an iPhone because it is 2013.

Dan's Bow tie

Bow ties are cool, ask anyone

One of my Favorites

This is one of my favorite shots from the wedding. Awesome friends make awesomER weddings.


Waiting for the girls to get ready.


This is because Dan is a boss.

More waiting

A little more waiting but when you have two people on hold, you need two chairs.

Kat and Ben

Kat and Ben getting the dance floor ready.

The WORLD!!!

YES, the world!!!

Grand Ledge Opera House

This was an absolutely incredible venue for this wedding. As a photographer I couldn’t have asked for more.


The center pieces were unique for each table. I loved this touch.

A trip around the world

A trip around the world with Stephanie and Daniel.


Another really pretty centerpiece.


I hope you are ready for the ceremony because here it comes.

A wedding gift

A wedding gift from the groom’s best man.


Dan being a bad ass

This the first photo I edited. hahahah I love how bad ass Dan looks here.

The Bridal Party

The bridal party in the garden behind the Grand Ledge Opera House.

In the Garden

Behind the Opera House.


I told you I was going to bring on the cheese.

Ice Cream

because, why not?


Hip shoes on both of them.

A quick walk by the river

We went for a walk along the river across from the ledges.


Stephanie made this altar and it is unlike anything I had ever seen.

Flower Girl

She got the crowd ready before the bride walked out.

Stephanie walks out

This is the moment so many women think about and it is such an honor to be there to photograph it.

The Groom's side

The groom and the groomsmen.

The Bride's side

The bride, her family and closest friends.


Tim pronounces the bride and groom as husband and wife.


I love that these two walked through the altar.


Inside the Grand Ledge Opera House.

The Horn

I love that Dan actually used this throughout the night.


Dan and Stephanie’s first dance.

More dancing

Things are just about to get really cray. Yes, I just said cray.


Kat takes on the dance floor. Watch OUT.

The Boot

Of course, Tim brought the boot mug out to the dance floor.

Any thoughts?


  1. Daniel Nov 21, 2013

    Great job! Thanks guys 😀

  2. Donna Jun 9, 2016

    My friend is getting married in October it is so funny she has the same dress bridesmaid’s dress are also covered in flowers not identical to those and her theme is kind of almost identical to your wedding so the reason for my email is she wants and Arch identical to yours and her wedding but we have not had any luck in finding one can you please let me know where you purchased yours at so we could get it for her wedding Thank You

  3. Eat Pomegranate Photo Jun 28, 2016

    Hi Donna,

    I am pretty sure the bride made her arch herself. If you send me an email I can link you two up.