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Split Up | Why I love Instagram

December 27, 2013
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I love Instagram for many reasons, but most important of all, it allows people to stop thinking about the the expensive gear that often muddles the path from an idea to a great photo. Instagram has allowed all of us to focus (haha) on composition; which is the most difficult aspect of photography. It is pretty often that I get phone calls and emails from friends asking me about what kind of gear they should buy or about learning a new photographic technique. These musings take away from actually creating good photographs. Granted, it is great to have good photography equipment but using these tools to produce an image of your original vision is the biggest component in succeeding as a photographer.
In my opinion, everyone is a photographer; if you can think of an image and make it, you are a photographer. I have loved seeing my friend’s vision realized via Instagram. People who don’t consider themselves good photographers blow me away with their creative vision. Instagram has allowed me to think of photography in a different light. I am including some of my instagram photos here. If you don’t already love Instagram, you should. If you get an account, follow me here.

Look Up

On the left is the ceiling of the Michigan State Capitol and the right is one of my favorite hanging lamps.

Strawberry and Coffee

My favorite coffee with my favorite creamcheese.


Same shoes different places.


Some days this is the only time I am still with my thoughts.


I saw this guy reading under a bridge and he seemed at total peace with the chaos of the world.


I took both of these photos several years apart. When I took the picture of the leaf, the picture of the building popped up in my head.

Any thoughts?

One Comment

  1. John Dec 27, 2013

    I love the contrast of the leaf to the building. very natural vs. not. but yet each one is made of smaller and smaller parts/sections