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A realtor’s headshot


We stepped outside of the studio to start this session. A nice mix of environmental photographs and studio photographs is ideal for headshots.

You know that feeling when you meet someone for coffee for the first time? There is so much stimulation when you are just about to begin a new personal or business relationship. During these first few moments our brain absorbs a lot of information, we establish trust, and become comfortable with a new human being without even realizing it.
Unfortunately, with the prevalence of e-communication and social media, so few of us really get to sit across a table from each other. It is pretty common that a person’s headshot is the only time you get to see them. This is why I give a lot of attention to conveying people’s personalities in their headshots.

This is a photo series of headshots I did for Dianna, a realtor practicing in Mid-Michigan. Before starting each session I spend a little bit of time explaining how the session will go but most importantly I get the subject in the mood to be photographed. Getting pictures taken is so intimidating for most people and if someone isn’t comfortable, that anxiety comes through in the images. Dianna, was absolutely wonderful to work with and she loved her photos.