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13 photos from 2013

January 6, 2014
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South Asian Fashion

This is from a shoot for a South Asian Fashion line. The color and intricate design makes for really vibrant photographs and settings like this are hard to find in the US. I couldn’t be happier with how things came out.
It has been an amazing year of great opportunities. I am so thankful for people who let me take photos of them. I was recently talking to a friend about an NPR story about how portraiture results in a “subject and photographer connecting intensely for a brief period of time.” I am absolutely humbled to think of the people who stood in front of my camera this past year and if I could thank them all over again, I would.

I have put together this collection of 13 photos that reflect on 2013. I hope you enjoy looking through these photos as much as I liked putting together this set. Roll over the images to read the respective image’s back stories.


Will and I have done a few shoots together but this day was especially cold. We walked out to the river trail to take these photos.

Learning from 2013

Looking through the images from this past year allowed me to relive beautiful weddings that took me around the US, creative directors who allowed me to flex my creative muscle, and other travel adventures with my camera; I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Every year I learn more about photography and this self-review was eyeopening. It is really interesting to see my progression as a photographer and I am drafting up goals for 2014.
I have great things to look forward to and I am giddy with anticipation.


I am not a hunter nor do I own any guns but I am absolutely obsessed with this photo. I like the feeling this image creates and without blatantly showing a gun, it tells the viewer a story. I love it.


This is a portrait of Jessy at her wedding on a farm in Mason, MI. This field was a photographer’s dream come true and soon after the ceremony we headed out to this field for a portrait.

Wedding Dress

This is a photo from Jessica and Brad’s Mackinac Island wedding. This picture was taken a few shorts moments after Jessica put on her dress for the first time.

Wedding Portrait

This is a portrait on the bluff in St. Joseph Michigan for Kristen and Joe’s wedding.

Frita Badita

This photo was shot for Lake Trust Credit Union to showcase their online banking system. I chose Frita Batidos as a setting for this shoot especially because I like their minimalist design. It catered to a distraction free final image that focused on the main goal for this project. 

Doctor Portrait

I did a series of portraits like this for Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND). I only had a few minutes with each of these physicians and in a matter of moments I had to get the physicians comfortable and to photograph them for this project.

Myra Fashion

This is a fashion shoot with one of my favorite people. We waited for the sun to come closer to the horizon and then overpower the sunlight with studio strobes to light the subject. The colors from the late evening sun were ideal for this portrait.

Light Painting

I did a short tutorial for this portrait session with Emily. It was fun working through this concept and getting to this result. We used a light painting technique in the studio; good times.

Emmy Collabo

I love this portrait of Emmy. This portrait was taken 2 days after Emmy’s last chemotherapy session. This is a collaborative project with graphic designers from Redhead Design Studios. The scar on Emmy’s right shoulder is from injecting chemotherapy drugs. Keep an eye out for more about this project.


I shot this for a corporate volunteering event. A bunch of people came to these stables to help clean and paint the horse stalls. Most of the horses at these stables are either retired working horses or  are injured.


This photo was shot for a personal photo project known as “hand-written.” Se a little more here… and yes, I am intentionally leaving you with intrigue.

Any thoughts?