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Old Pictures

August 16, 2012
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A dinner at SanSu in Lansing, MI. This photo was shot with my Olympus XA film camera using ISO 400 Fujifilm. I shot this handheld at a really slow shutter speed. Sometimes breaking the rules is the most fun.

I take my camera everywhere I go. Even when I was a young college student, I would take my clunky camera to almost all social gatherings.  That camera became a part of me and I felt awkward without one with me.  Some of the least expected situations have yielded some of my favorite photographs.

As I was working on posts for the new blog, I was going through old pictures and all these frozen moments evoked thought of the good old days.  These photos are transcend me back in time and I cherish them.  In the dorms, I shot a few rolls of film just taking pictures of my friends. It is so cool to see how far we have all come and I am fortunate to still have these in my life.

Any thoughts?