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Nigeria From Behind

April 1, 2013

Car to Car

This photos always brings back fond memories of the warm evenings in Nigeria. Late one day we had hopped into the back of a taxi on a huge street with bumper to bumper traffic. Experienced taxi drivers always found ways through these busy streets. This is a photo of our taxi driver trying to negotiate his way through a traffic jam.

Nigeria in 2008

This was my very first time in Nigeria in 2008. Most of my trip was shot on a 35mm Canon SLR with Fugifilm 400 film and I ended up running out of film while I was there; luckily, I was able to find more film from a roadside camera shop.  I didn’t develop all these images until I got back to the US. The delayed gratification of developing film always brings me back.

I always love going back to old photos and to see how my photography has evolved over time. I think I still look at the world in a similar way but I find new ways of describing what I see.

Sub Saharan Drives

That is one of my professors in the back seat. He always gave me the front seat so that I could take pictures. This photos reminds me of the warm sub-Saharan breeze and music in the Hausa language.

Friday Praper

A little over half of Nigerians are Muslims and on Friday I was invited to pray with some of the doctors at that hospital where we were working.


Water for the Muslim ablution before the Friday prayer.

Back to the hospital

I want to bring this to the United States.

A Taxi to Aso Rock

The skyline from Abuja is relatively flat until come across Aso rock. The Nigerian President’s complex is at the base of Aso Rock and most of it is not accessible. 

Cargo Only

Technically, people aren’t allowed to transport livestock like this but sometimes you just gotta move bulls around the country.

Any thoughts?


  1. Joe Apr 6, 2013

    Khalid these are awesome! What brought you to Nigeria? That kid on top of the Peugeot truck looks super entertained by the cameraman!

  2. Eat Pomegranate Photo Apr 6, 2013

    Thanks a bunch for the comment Joe.
    I was working on a project for my professor. We were investigating bacteremic infections in young children with sickle cell anemia. After this trip, I went back 3 or 4 more times. Look forward to more posts from other trips to Nigeria.