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Nigeria 2009

June 27, 2013
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We were visiting a small villiage near Abuja and I saw this guy was whipping around town on this motorcycle. He was really excited to pose for this photo and I ended up loving this portrait.

This works out perfectly as a throwback Thursday post because I am slowly putting up older travel photos. This set is from my second visit to Nigeria. ¬†Africa’s warmth is a welcome delight when you are flying out of sub-zero windchill.

I got to see the country in a totally different light this time because I had already been here and I felt like I was paying attention to different things. I am always blown away by the hospitality of people in Nigeria. I got to eat delicious food at my colleagues’s houses and got to meet incredible people.


This is where we performed Eid prayer. They had made a mosque out of an orchard.


Our hotel was under constant security and here are some of the security officials taking a break.


This country is run by some of the most hard working people I know. There is something so telling about the look in this guy’s eyes. We were driving through a city and he looked back as if to say “slow your roll, man.” He was pushing a few hundred pounds of water up this grade.


Any thoughts?