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A girl and her MINI

January 20, 2015
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Sgt. Pepper

“Meet Sgt. Pepper, a first generation 2003 MINI Cooper Hardtop lovingly named for its Chili Red paint, and The Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Also referred to as PepĂ©, this darling MINI was my first auto purchase at age 19, and a first step towards an unrelenting love affair with driving. With its red coat, and white roof, mirror caps, and bonnet stripes, Sgt. Pepper’s styling is the epitome of a classic cooper. Having shared 60,000 miles of engine-revving, corner-ripping, road-thrashing togetherness, this MINI will remain fondly parked in my heart for the rest of time. “


Most of my friends are not “car people.” You know, the kind who would be able to rattle off specs for every shiny sports car they see on the road. Or the ones whose hearts race in sync with the rev of a fine-tuned engine. Vicari is the definition of a car person.

This was a shoot about Vicari’s love for her MINI Coopers. Her passion for cars is absolutely infectious. If you know Vicari, find an opportunity to be with her when she presses the ignition button on her new MINI.

Vicari is a wordsmith, and it was more appropriate for her to craft some words about these cars. We met up under a bridge outside my studio for this shoot. The industrial backdrop was perfect for the MINI’s mischievous nature.



“And meet Bane, my second generation 2012 MINI Cooper S Hardtop, named for The Dark Knight Rises’ ruthless mercenary. With over ten million different ways to configure a MINI, Bane’s styling, and its badass connotation, is truly one-of-a-kind. I lusted for its blacked-out body, those matte sport stripes, and its striking two-tone red leather interior. Despite its size, this MINI is gutsy, and perhaps best described as a go-kart on steroids. Do be careful—at the start of it’s engine, you may find your pants have magically dropped. After 1,000 miles together, it’s really quite apparent; I’ve fallen in love again.”

Any thoughts?