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MIND Detroit

Project: Corporate Headshots and Environmental Photography for Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND)
Agency: Traction

I spent a few days on this shoot because a big part of showcasing MIND’s main office was understanding the services they provide to their patients. During my first scouting trip we walked through their offices and got a nice overview of MIND’s facilities. For the following two days we split up our days between shooting portraits and environmental photography. These physicians had incredibly busy schedules and I only had a few minutes to get to know them and photograph them. It was a whirlwind of a shoot but an absolutely wonderful time. I am really proud of the result and as always love how the designers and developers at Traction used these images in the final product

Screen Shot

This is a shot of the exterior of the MIND offices. I wanted to show the architecture without letting the parked cars date the image. This is what the client ended up using.

About MIND

I am in love with how the designers displayed these images. Upon rolling over the images, the descriptions are displayed and the respective portraits are highlighted in color.

Waiting Room

MIND also wanted to show their waiting rooms in the photographs for their website.

Infusion Room

The infusion room is one of MIND’s highlights. It is not common for to have these many infusion chairs in one place. We wanted to show these chairs as they are place in the general layout of MIND.


We wanted to shoot the Optical coherence tomography (OCT) exam room. We tried to show the patient experience while also showcasing exam results and the clinical viewpoint. It was a bonus that we got to see inside our eyes.


The client wanted to showcase collaboration between clinical staff. Here we have physicians and nurses talking about EMG results.


MIND’s open MRI.

Open MRI

One of the photos of the open MRI used on the MIND website. We couldn’t take any of the camera equipment inside this room, so, all the images were shot from outside the door. Fortunately we made it work with slightly longer lenses.

25 Feet

This is one of my favorite photos from the shoot. This 25 foot course is used by Multiple Sclerosis patients to measure progress. I know that patients who go to MIND have a close connection to this 25 foot strip of red carpet and I wanted to find the emotional response in the environmental photography without being too obvious.