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10 (+1) Pictures from Martha and Steven’s Detroit Wedding

November 2, 2017
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Weddings showcase a couple’s taste and how they bring their closest friends and family members together. Martha and Steven surround themselves with beautiful people (inside and out) and have impeccable taste in music, food, and fashion. All these elements shined in harmony on their wedding day. They got ready at the Inn on the Ferry, had a beautiful ceremony at the McGregor Memorial Conference Center, and had the best party for their reception at the Jam Handy. Check it out:


Meet Steven and Martha.


Custom tux vibes


Some bling for the wedding day.


I am so obsessed with symmetry and the McGregor provided so many great vignettes like this.

I shot this wedding alongside two amazing assistants: Sean Gleason and Shelby Robinson. We also shot lots of film and can’t wait to get those scans back.

Any thoughts?