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December 13, 2012

Rolling Hills of Tea

Last year, one of my professors got me back some tea from Malawi. I never thought one day I would get to work there and take in what these Malawian tea estates look like. I don’t even know if this photo does justice to how big these tea estates are but I hope they give you a glimpse.

Malawi is a beautiful country.

I want to stop with that sentence and leave you with the pictures but I should probably provide a little background. I was in Malawi to help one of our professors set up a clinical trial. This study will investigate the efficacy of a drug that prevents seizures in children who have cerebral malaria. The clinical trial hasn’t started yet and I had very little interaction with any study subjects. Most of my time was spent on a desk, in front of a computer or in meetings but when I wasn’t working, I was taking pictures.

Here is a series of the impression Malawi left on me. Be sure to roll over the pictures for stories.

Behind the mosquito net

Like most of my other colleagues, I was pretty obsessive about mosquito nets.

Blantyre Malaria Alert Center

I spent most of my time in these hallways.

The horizon

Malawians in Blantyre are used to seeing this mountain as a part of their horizon. I grew up in Islamabad, Pakistan and that city is mostly surrounded by the foothills of the Himalayas. I  loved the comfort of mountains on the horizon. This scene took me back to my childhood.


I traded a snack bar for a photograph. This little girl works at one of the tea estates and I absolutely loved her genuine smile.

Goats on a bicycle

I was really impressed by the frame this guy made to accommodate two goats on this bicycle.  Whenever he came across long grasses, he would cut up a handful for his goat.

Mt. Mulanje

This was an incredibly beautiful hike up Mt. Mulanje.

The falls

We hiked up to these waterfalls. It wasn’t the rainy season and the water levels were kind of low but this was still beautiful.

Our guide

This is a photo or our guide. We met up with some other hikers from the UK at the falls.


We found this abandoned lift atop a little hill.


This is one of my favorites. I am duplicating this here and you can see the rest of the highlights on the Print Sale post.

The Drop

This was a beautiful scene of the settlements below. I could have spent a lot more time here but it was starting to get dark.


This was a haunting scene. I saw this on the side of a road near a tea estate. These trees were cut down to make fires for drying the tea leaves.


I left Malawi with thoughts of delicious mangoes. I ended up bringing a bunch back to my hotel room for daily sacks; these were absolutely delicious.



Any thoughts?


  1. diana Dec 17, 2012

    These are INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. Eat Pomegranate Photo Dec 17, 2012

    Thanks Diana!

    That means a lot coming from such an admirable photographer like yourself.

    much love.