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Lansing Roots


These two had such a great energy about them, I could have hung out with them for a hours. We spoke different language but spent the majority of the time communicating via non-verbal means. It is amazing how much smiles like this get across.

Farmers in Mid-Michigan

I had been looking forward to this project for a few months because photographing people and telling their stories is one of my favorite things about photography. Lansing Roots is an incubator farm space based in Lansing, MI. The organizations goal is to help limited resource or disadvantaged individuals form their own farms and sell produce. Lansing Roots describes themselves as an organization that is “Improving the economic livelihood of low-income individuals and families through self-employment in farming” and “Improving community food security and generating new foods for donation to the GLFB (through a demonstration farm area).”

I was invited to the farm and the eight family groups that farm there. This was a two day shoot and I got to meet some of the most heartwarming people. These farmers were from all over the world and had different goals for their respective farms. If you live in the area, you can buy these vegetables at the Holt Farmer’s Market.


When I started shooting for this project, I really wanted to shoot farmers with produce in their hands. Farming is such a labor of love and this series is the only way I knew how to show this connection.

Green Beans

Green beans and the hard work that got them here.


We talked with Muhammad for a long time. He had incredible stories from all his adventures. His farm was unlike any of the other farmers. He had several ongoing experiments with different species of vegetables. I really enjoyed my conversations with him.


Muhammad being interviewed by one of the Lansing Roots interns.


Muhammad with some green beans from his farm.


I really enjoyed meeting this family. Their son (pictured on the left) help translate for me after this photo.


This photo and the one below might be my favorites from the series. I absolutely loved them.


Kaitlin is a graphic designer in Lansing and also works at the farm in her free time.

Big Family

Families who grow food together stay together … I made that up but I am sure it is true.