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Lansing Bike Co-op

A Portrait

This is till one of my favorite portraits from the series.

Lansing Bike Co-op

This was a project for the Lansing bike co-op’s coffee labels. The bike co-op used to provide free bike repair services for anyone who came in to get help. Volunteers were there a few times a week to help teach and repair bikes. The bike co-op has since been converted into a wine bar but the space still holds special memories for me.

Truing a wheel

Truing a wheel properly was one of the best things I learned at the bike co-op. Putting a bunch of bikers in the same place was perfect for sharing information like that. Sometimes bike repair can seem daunting and the bike co-op made basic repairs much more feasible.

On the Saddle

Just remembered how much I loved that bike’s matte silver color.