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Kristen and Joe (A wedding preview)

August 4, 2013
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Meet Kristen and Joe

Kristen and Joe are two of the nicest people. They love each other but in addition to that, they have so much more love to give. Their friends and family have such incredible relationship. In a world of disconnectedness, Kristen and Joe are a model of how to keep friendships locked in iron clad bonds.


I hope you enjoy this photo – story of

Kristen and Joe

Kristen and Joe got married on the West side of Michigan. I had been waiting for this wedding for a long time. Kristen and I met at a restaurant last year mid-distance between Lansing and St. Joseph and since then our ideas had been ruminating. She had an awesome vision about this wedding and I couldn’t wait to photograph the couple with Lake Michigan as a backdrop.They stayed at The Boulevard Inn & Bistro in St. Joseph, their ceremony was at St Paul’s Lutheran in Stevensville, MI, and their reception was at Shadowland Ballroom in St. Joseph. Meanwhile, I got to sneak away with the bride, groom, and the wedding party to take photos along Lake Michigan. Of course, Kristen was wearing her wedding dress and got VIP treatment wherever we went; including a police escort through a closed section of the beach. These are just some of the perks of being a beautiful bride and groom.

This whole day was an incredible representation of both their personalities and style. It was a pleasure to photograph their story and I hope you enjoy looking through these moments as much as we enjoyed photographing them.  


These dresses looked so beautiful hung out together. Only a few hours after this the girls would be in these dresses and Kristen would be getting married. This morning flew by.

The Groom

As the bride got ready in her hotel suite, the groom was getting ready in a hotel room just downstairs.

Three Generations

I love this photo. I can only imaging what it must be like for Kristen’s grandmother to see Kristen in such a beautiful dress.

First Dance

The bride and groom danced amongst their family and closest friends.


I really liked this speech; it was a perfect combination of roasting the groom, love, and good memories.


Along with all the wedding guests, the bride and groom set off hundreds of paper lanterns after it got dark outside.


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