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Kim and Tony’s Wedding Photo Teaser

June 1, 2014
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Flowers and Rings

The wedding bouquet and the rings. These colors set the tone for the whole wedding and I love how perfectly everything in this wedding matched.

A Lake Michigan Wedding

Yesterday, we shot a beautiful wedding on Lake Michigan and here is a little photo teaser because I am sure the bride, groom, the respective families, and friends are excited to see these photos. We hope this blog post will tide them over as we finish editing the rest of the series. We are definitely saving the best photos for last because this wedding was a photographer’s dream. It was a perfect day for a wedding and as the evening came closer, the sun set atop the pristine Lake Michigan. We couldn’t have asked for more. Kim and Tony had put so much heart into the details of this wedding and we can’t wait to share these memories with you.

I especially want to draw your attention to one picture in this blog post. I can’t get enough of the photo of Kim and Tony holding each other’s hands under the dinner table. Their love is infectious. I can’t thank them enough for having us shoot their special day.


Oh, and check back here for a blog post with the full wedding.


A kiss under the veil


One of my favorite photos from this wedding. Sometimes the simples things tell the biggest stories.


Tony and his groomsmen walk along the dance floor.


The Bride and the Bridesmaid.


This was a beautiful dress. Here is a photo-teaser of how awesome it looked on Kim.


We took the couple for a walk on the beach as the sun was setting.

A Kiss

A kiss as the sun sets over Lake Michigan.


This was an awesome wedding party. We had such a blast hanging out with all of them on the wedding day.


This couch was a party favorite.


All the plates at this wedding were unique and if it was up to us, we would have taken a picture of each of them.


The Bride and Groom’s First Dance. This blue suit was Kim’s “something blue.”


Kim with her Dad.

Any thoughts?