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Kim and Tony

October 3, 2013
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I always love shooting hands, I think our hands and touch tell so many stories. I loved this shot the most because it encompasses the relationship between these two.

Plaid, Bicycles, and a Picnic

Kim and Tony are getting married next year and they really wanted to do a portrait session in Autumn. A few other things I love were thrown in there; a picnic, bicycles, hot coffee, plaid, and pretty people. All these things came together for this shoot and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed shooting it.


More Hands!

A bike for two

I absolutely love the following series of bicycle photos. People should ride tandem bike rides more often; at the very least they make for pretty pictures.


I need to go on more picnics with people. I am not a third wheel if I am behind a camera right?

Kind words

A picnic

Picnic basket, a blanket, and coffee; who could have asked for anything better.

In the Woods

I left these two alone for a little bit and went on a hike of my own. I loved this perspective from above and it was cool to see Kim and Tony in their own element.


Any thoughts?