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A day with Kevin and Thomas

April 20, 2013

Boots and Shells

If this shoot was a book, this photo would be the cover.

A bachelor party

Kevin and Thomas are getting married this year and the only thing better then having a bad-ass bachelor party is having  TWO bachelor parties. A bunch of us got together for a day of guns, whirly ball, food, and partying. Here are a few of the photos. enjoy!


Thomas get married this summer. On a separate note, he knows not to smile for a picture when holding a gun.


Meet Kevin, it should be known that he shot 17 targets this day. Also, he is getting married this year and it will be a rockin’ wedding.


The camera likes this guy and so do the ladies . . . no, the ladies LOVE this guy.


The plaid shirts weren’t planned, we just know how to dress for a proper bachelor party.

Colin and Opie

These two were in the middle of an awesome conversation but I can’t disclose what they were talking about.

Any thoughts?


  1. Tom May 10, 2013

    Where are the pictures with the strippers?

  2. Eat Pomegranate Photo May 11, 2013

    There were too many guns for strippers to come around us.