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Julie and Blake

October 25, 2014
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It took the rings on an extended loan from the best man for a few photos around the gardens. In the bustle of a wedding day, I wonder if he even noticed.

Amongst Flowers

Here is a beautiful wedding amongst impeccably maintained gardens in Battle Creek, MI. Enjoy!

Tie UP

The guys practicing their tie knots as the bride finished getting ready.


All of these guys were a blast to hang out with.


Julie ready to see her future husband.


The gardens at Southern Exposure were absolutely perfect. We could have been here just to shoot flowers and would have came home with the same number of photos. This place is a wonderful setting for a wedding and we highly recommend them.

More Flowers

Like I said earlier, the flowers at these gardens were ideal for this wedding day.


Nick is a Boss. I shot his wedding with Jessy last year.


This was such a beautiful ceremony amongst flowers.

A Break

The bride and groom enjoyed a drink right after the ceremony. I think it was awesome that they got away from everyone after the ceremony. These were such special and intimate moments and we were lucky to be here.

The Guys

The guys posed for me in the hog house at Southern Exposure.


The Bride’s beautiful bouquet.

Bridal Party

This was a pretty big bridal party and when I did a scouting trip to these gardens, I picked this spot for the full bridal party photo. I am so happy it worked out.


I snuck both the bride and the groom away from the reception for a quick shoot as the sun was setting.


I love the mood of this black and white photo.

That Look

Capturing expressions like this are one of my favorite things about photography.

Any thoughts?