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Jessy and Nick (Photo Teaser)

July 13, 2013
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Meet Jessy and Nick. They got married on their parent’s property in Mid-Michigan.


Jessy is an incredible designer and I was looking forward to seeing how she designed these programs.


These horses set the scene for this wedding. Across the street from the wedding venue there was this horse farm and we couldn’t resist this photo opportunity.


I joined the bridal party in the hotel room as they got ready.


The dog wasn’t getting as much love as all the guys hustled to get ready.


Nick’s youngest brother was a bowting machine. I think he tied bowties for all the groomsmen.



[flickr id =9268082874 title = "Flowers"]The guests sat on bailes of hay and these flowers lined the path for the bride and groom.


The Groom really wanted me to take a photo of him and his brothers walking away. Personal touches like this make for some of the best stories.


Any thoughts?