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Jessica and Brad

September 24, 2013
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In the woods

Jessica, Brad, and I really loved this photo; in fact, this picture went out to all their guest in thank you cards. On the wedding day as we were ground around the island, I was looking for yellow flowers like this. I couldn’t have asked for a better location for this shot.


The bride and groom invited us out to Mackinac Island a day earlier so that we could get a feel of how things would go. I shot the rehearsal dinner with the Bride and Groom’s immediate family and friends.


I had seen pictures of this gazebo but it was nice to see the setting for the Ceremony. I loved the water in the background.


I think this picture set the tone for this whole weekend. I can’t get over this photo.

Straw hats and hipster kids

This is Jessica’s sister and nephew. This kid stole the show and rocked a tie most of the day.

Fire pit

A fire pit on the beach.

This is how you double fist

… just in case you didn’t know how.

A Mackinac Island Wedding

Jessica and Brads wedding was an adventure and a blast. Kim and I shot this wedding together and I couldn’t have asked for more. This wedding was a photographer’s dream and I am sure I can speak for Kim when I say that the setting and the beautiful people made the photography a breeze. A huge thanks to the bride and groom’s hospitality and for an amazing weekend for the memories.

Brad Gets Ready

This next series will blow you away. The guys got ready downstairs as the girls were putting on the final touches just a floor above at Mission Point Resort.


Shiny shoes and plaid; just an idea for my next suit. Sorry for that digression.

A Party at the salon

They were a rockin’ bunch of ladies. I had a blast hanging out with them.


The bridesmaid’s hair.



The guys waiting for the girls

The guys waited downstairs as the girls got ready for the ceremony upstairs.


The bride’s dress was absolutely incredible. Look for the wedding cake and similarities in design. I loved Brad and Jessica’s vision for this wedding.

A Trio

These ladies set the mood for the ceremony.

The Guests wait for the bride

The guests at the ceremony.


Brad and his best man wait for the bride before the ceremony.


I really enjoyed talking to the officiant. I think this smile explains a lot about his personality.

The Bride Walks Out to the Ceremony

Of course, Jessica looked perfect on her wedding day.

Brad at the Ceremony

Brad faced the gazebo until Jessica made it all the way down. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to stay turned around like this.

A portrait of the guys

The Groom and the groomsmen loved this photo. I can’t get over how bad ass this came out.

... and the groom


Overlooking the water

We went for a carriage ride around the island. Of course, Kim and I biked behind … wait, Kim biked and I just let the bride and groom’s carriage pull me. I think Kim has an awesome picture of it. gah! ANOTHER digression.


I have no idea what is happening here.

The bridesmaids with the groom

Brad with all the bridesmaids. squeeeeeeeze!

A kiss...almost

hahaha! Yes! THIS!

Something Blue

Jessica’s blanket…. and yes, I just told the WORLD about it.

The Cake



This is one of my favorite couples…. couple crush!!

The Scene

As the sun set, this was our scenery from the reception terrace. What a perfect evening to follow this beautiful wedding.

Jessica and Brad

A bunch of the bride and groom’s friends did this as a surprise. This blog post was the first time they saw it. Somehow everyone was able to keep it a secret.

Any thoughts?