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Hillary and Anthony

December 7, 2017
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I kept coming back to this tree during the shoot and thought it was a perfect image to set the mood for this wedding teaser for Hillary and Anthony.


We had an extended Autumn in Michigan this year and many of the trees were left with these beautifully colored leaves. Before Hillary and Anthony’s wedding ceremony, we walked up to this garden and were welcomed by a bed of yellow leaves. I am uploading a few of the images from their wedding to give you a glimpse of this awesome day.


Hillary’s dress had all these small details that I couldn’t stop shooting. Here is her veil and her shoes.


On wedding days things can get chaotic and I always emphasize the importance of having little time slots that take the couple away from all the chaos. This was a small section of the day that Hillary and Anthony had just to themselves.


I loved the pop of color in Hillary’s bouquet; it was perfect juxtaposed to her fur shawl.


These natural reactions make a photographer’s job the most fun.


We took full advantage of the fall colors. Here is a portrait from a quick sunset shoot we did on the wedding day.


Just a little teaser to one of the most incredible dance floors I have been on this year.

Any thoughts?

One Comment

  1. Robin Turner Dec 7, 2017

    It brought tears to my eyes. They are so beautiful together.