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August 27, 2015
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Brittany walking out into the woods for our shoot and the mosquitoes had just started biting us.

Photographing another person is a creative collaboration. It is easy to think of a very specific image and then create it but the final product is so much better if the photographer and the subject work together. Each person in front of the camera and behind the camera contributes something to the photograph because we all have unique perspectives and we all usually have different realizations of the same mood. The same kind of direction can result is such varied responses from each person in front of a camera. When I start working with people I make sure they know about this shared creative responsibility. Here are a few photos from my latest shoot with Brittany.

Brittany and I found a bog and I am so happy she was brave enough to step into the water. Soon after, I rolled up my jeans and followed her in. I have had a vision for this shoot for a very long time and it was wonderful to make it happen. We were working against the clock because the sun was setting. In addition to that, I had studio strobes and lots of other equipment out there. The bugs were killing us and I still can’t figure out how the bug spray from my camera bag had disappeared. For this whole shoot we had about twenty minutes.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Any thoughts?