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August 18, 2012
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For Rent

Me and my friend on a photo walk with our some of our favorite lenses. I am shoot this with a fisheye while he was shooting a beautiful 85mm f1.2. Magic happens with the lens he is holding. Also, check out that rad t-shirt.

This is my photo equipment mantra: “spend most of your money on lenses”. When I was a new photographer that is what everyone told me and I pass on the same advice now. If you can’t afford that $2,000 lens, you can always rent it for a week. In fact, I love renting lenses because it is such an affordable opportunity to play with some of the best optical technology.  It is also a way to see the world from a different perspective for a limited amount of time. If I have a new lens for a week, I spend most of my time using it and that limitation results in some of my most cherished images. Second photography mantra: “Equipment limitations yield creativity.” Ok, that is it. I am done


Lens Bracelet

Until you get your favorite lens , you can wear one of these bracelets to remind yourself about what you are working towards. My brother got these for me from here 

Any thoughts?