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Evann and Carter

October 2, 2014
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Evann and Carter

I hope you are ready to see some photos from an absolutely beautiful wedding. First, meet Evann and Carter, they were an absolute pleasure to work with and had a fabulous wedding in Harbor Springs, MI. As you go through these images, Evann and Carter’s emotions and expressions will give you a hint of bond. enjoy!

A Harbor Springs Wedding

This was my first time in Harbor Springs and I absolutely fell in love with all the beauty here. Evann and Carter’s wedding was set next to one of he Great Lakes and the lush greenery of Harbor Springs. As photographers, we couldn’t have asked for a better place to photograph a wedding. We arrived a day early to get a feel of the city. This was definitely Pure Michigan wedding and a perfect mix of how people and the Great Lakes come together.


I met up with the Bride and her bridesmaids at Talulu’s Beauty Salon


I couldn’t get enough pictures of this room. It was a perfect setting for these getting ready photos.

and a Smile

Gah! I love Evann’s smile and loved that I captured it here.


Carter suiting up for the big day at their family house.


This was definitely a high fashion wedding and of course there were some epic hats.


Awesome live music during the ceremony.

Carter waiting

Carter hadn’t seen his bride yet and I was waiting here to see his reaction as she walked down to the location of the ceremony.


Evann waited up the hill because walking down the the ceremony.

Evann down the aisle

Evann’s Dad waiting down the stairs to walk her up the aisle during the ceremony.


Carter’s expression is priceless.


After the ceremony we took some photos of the Bride and the bridesmaids.

Bride and Bridesmaids

The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids before the ceremony.


Carter and his groomsmen.

The guys

One of my favorite photos of Carter and his groomsmen after they got ready.


Aboard the SS Magoo after the ceremony.


Evann and Carter on a beautiful boat after their ceremony.

SS Magoo

The bride and groom went for a ride aboard the SS Magoo. After the ceremony this was a peaceful time away from everyone.


Beautiful table settings to match the nautical wedding theme.


Evann’s brother put up all these paper arrangements the night before the wedding.


The sun set over the bay and left us with these beautiful reflections.

Any thoughts?