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Emily in the Studio

January 31, 2013
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Playing with light

Last week, I had a studio session with Emily and Savannah (fellow photographers); after we were done, we decided to play with studio strobes. This photo is similar to when you take a point and shoot camera and set it to the “night setting”; in our case we got to control all the variables. Photos like this are made by using a combination of continuous light and a strobe light. We had a 60″ x 20″ soft box to the camera right and a smaller gelled soft box with continuous light to camera left. I was shooting at f8.0 with a 1 second shutter and the camera was set to a ISO 100. After the strobe discharged  I moved the camera to draw a light trail. See below the diagram for outtakes.

Back and Forth

I probably couldn’t decide which way to move the camera but I still like this photo to include it here. It took me a second to figure out which direction to move the camera to leave the right kind of light trail.

Too Fast

I moved the camera too fast here. The photo is good but it didn’t make the final cut.

Too Short

I stopped moving the camera too quickly here and left a second image on the left.


I love what happened here. No camera movement just a beautiful mix of warm colored light.

Like this a lot

For a few of the photos we had this hair light behind Emily. I love the greens in this photo and even though it was a mistake, I really like it.

Starting Pose

This is one of the starting poses. I hope you enjoyed the series and I will probably be playing with this a little more next week.





Any thoughts?

One Comment

  1. Ben Feb 19, 2013

    FUN! How i miss perspective2 and their huge octobox!