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Elise and Spencer

November 17, 2018
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Everything about this wedding is fly. Both Elise and Spencer have great taste. Their taste level was prominent in every aspect of their wedding. The invites, the wedding program, and the place cards were designed by Elise. When the guests arrived at the reception hall, they were surrounded by orchids everywhere. The bride and groom followed the guests in a really sexy purple mercury. I could have spent have the day photographing this car. Ok, I am going to save you from a major digression and let you enjoy these photos.


People’s stories live in the details and this watch sets the tone for Spencer’s outfit.


Can’t you picture the beginning of a movie from this scene. Elise and Spencer made this wedding easy to shoot.


White on white on white


At the reception Elise and Spencer surprised everyone with a beautiful dance. Before they entered the reception hall, they spent a bit of time practicing this dance in the terrace. I was lucky to catch this little moment between them.


Design is a big part of Elise’s life and she designed everything for her wedding. It was so cool to see her work come to life at the wedding.


I love to catch couples in moments like this. Expressions like this are so telling of a couple’s connection and I am lucky to be there to catch them.


Check out that white coat.

At the end of the day, this wedding was an incredible party. The band kept this dance floor alive till the end.

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