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Desi Weddings

A Toronto Wedding

The couple invited us to Toronto to shoot this wedding and the whole weekend turned out to be full of adventure. A 007-esk chase to get the groom to the wedding hall in time, some of the most incredible food and guests with the most outgoing personalities. In addition to the wedding, Toronto is a really fun city.

A Bengali Wedding

This was my first time shooting a Bengali wedding. It was absolutely incredible to see all the wedding customs and and absolutely honor to be a part of this special day. I was in charge of shooting this wedding from the groom’s perspective and that made for a wonderful photo-assignment.

Maleeha and Faiq

Maleeha and Faiq’s weddings was the biggest party I have ever attended. Even thought everything was planned out perfectly it has a relaxed, comfortable feeling. The guests didn’t leave till the end of the night and there was a photo opportunity every time I turned a corner. An absolutely wonderful wedding.