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Department of Fisheries and Wildlife | Michigan State University


Scanning rose lake for birds.

Fisheries and Wildlife

A PhD Candidate in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife was teaching student volunteers how to net birds at Rose Lake Game Area. Ben invited me to join the department on this trip and to photograph this annual event. I had an absolutely wonderful time trudging around around the Rose Lake Wildlife Area and it was especially  nice to wear a flannel shirt while on a shoot.

In the net

It is hard to see these nets even for the human eye. I had to shoot from the side to give an idea of how intricate they were. Each strata has a little loop and if a bird flies into the net, it gets caught within the fold. 


The students set up these nets around Rose Lake and we went back to them to check on whether they had captured birds.


Marla weighs a bird.


These birds are so graceful and I left this event in awe of their beauty.