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Denise and Rocket

Denise and Bob (Rocket)

When I did my first consultation with Denise and Rocket, I biked up to their house wearing my red socks. Till the wedding day, they didn’t stop teasing me about those socks. In fact, I don’t think they ever will. Also, from the first time I met these two, I knew their wedding would be unlike any other. Denise and Rocket have been in love with each other for three decades and as the groom’s best man put it “It just took Rocket 30 years to ask her to marry him.”


An Early Morning

We started this day early… very early. In fact, when me and the cosmotologist got to the wedding most of the people in the house were sleeping. Later we found out that there was a rockin’ party the night before the wedding. Denise is showing off old pictures of her and Bob. She is a techy lady with that iPad.

The MSU Chapel

As you will see throughout the wedding photos, this was a very Spartan wedding. The ceremony was at the Michigan State University Chapel.

At the Botanical Gardens

After the ceremony we went on a tour of campus and the MSU Botanical Gardens were one of our favorite stops.


The oldest person in the wedding party was 23 years old. Here are two of  Denise’s nieces and of course we had to get a shot with their Ray-Bans

My Favorite Picture

Thirty years ago Denise and Bob were wedding guests at the MSU Chapel. On this day they got married there and this is by far one of my favorite pictures from the evening.

In Style

Denise and Bob do everything in style and of course we had a huge limo to drive us around all of campus.

A Spartan Wedding

Along with the Breslin Center and the Spartan Stadium, Munn Ice Arena was one of our stops. We took pictures just like this at each location.

Deinse and her Cat

This was an important picture; after the ceremony we drove back to Denise’s house for this shot.

Bob and his Dog

This is Bob with his irish wolfhound mix. We were a little scared but not enough to miss this photo opp.


I am in love with this photo. I don’t even know what to say about it but I kept staring at the 1,000 words this photo captures.