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August 7, 2012
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I love that I can go to this pet store and get the glimpse of color in nature.  The animals at Preuss Pets are loved and it shows in the wiggle of these little simmers.

Preuss Pets has been a Lansing landmark for decades. Especially since they moved to a beautiful location in Old Town.  Regardless of whether you have any pets or not, Preuss is a great place to walk around. When people ask me about places to visit in this city, I often mention in my list of  “must-do” things.  In addition to being a beautiuful building, Preuss’s give all their animals lots of love and are incredibly knowledgeable.

Preuss has also been one of my favorite places to take my camera. It is nice to see a glimpse of the animal word wearing their Friday’s (Sunday’s) best.

Mr. Snake

In the wild, I abhor snakes but I was totally comfortable going nose-to-nose with this one in a terrarium.


Pacman frogs are majestic animals.  One of the Preuss employees lifted up the terrarium lid so I could get a clear photograph.  I loved photographing this guy. You should check out this guys feeding habits on Youtube.


This little guy posed for me for a while.


Any thoughts?