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Cherie and Ben

October 17, 2012
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The Venue

This was the setting for Cherie and Ben’s ceremony. Amongst the backdrop of the trees on one side and a pond on the other, it couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Cherie and Ben

It is incredible how weddings bring families together. This wedding was absolutely full of love and I still can’t get over how much all of these people love¬†each other. The ceremony was set at the bride’s aunt’s farm; behind the altar there were endless trees and on the other side there was a beautiful pond. ¬†

As the bride gets ready

It was so nice to see how the family came together to help Cherie get ready.

The Bride

As Cherie got ready, I absolutely loved being a fly on the wall. She had this down to a system and it was great to be capturing these moments without being noticed.


As the bride was getting ready inside, the family was waiting for the ceremony outside. It is absolutely wonderful to photograph a wedding because they bring families together like this.


The bridal party was absolutely wonderful. They made this wedding awesome.

A white Porsche

A Porsche to deliver the bride in style.

Lord of the Rings

The “Lord of the Rings” joke isn’t mine, I promise.


Absolutely beautiful!

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