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December 18, 2012
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one light

One big, bright cell phone to the camera left.

Opportune Light

These are photos of people lit by their cell phones at a bar. I was hanging out with some friends, and I had a film camera to keep me busy. Unlike the nifty DSLRs, I couldn’t switch up my ISO. I noticed a girl engulfed in her smartphone and even in a dark bar, the light from her cell phone perfectly lit her face. I walked over and asked if she would let me use her cellphone’s opportune light to make a portrait. This drew a little attention and several people contributed their phones. Here are the results.

These photos are shot on a 35mm film camera with Kodak TMAX 400 film.

Film is not dead.

two lights

Two iPhones are better than one.

three lights

One big smartphone to the camera left, one smart phone on camera right and one below the camera. This lady was absolutely¬†incredible. It is too bad that I couldn’t show her this photo. I hope she gets to see it here. ¬†

Any thoughts?

One Comment

  1. diana Jan 21, 2013

    these are great, Khalid.