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October 31, 2016
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As the sun starts setting earlier in the day I start doing a lot more work in the studio. Halloween is usually that tipping point from natural light work to studio work. Emma and I had been talking about this project for a while and we hustled to get it out today.


Dessert Oasis

September 21, 2016
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A photograph is such a thin slice in time but a good image can leave us with feelings that extend much further beyond that one instant. When we look at an image we extrapolate a story before and after that moment. Not only that, when one person looks at a picture they have their own unique perspective and story around it. One person may look at this series of images and think about a memory of having coffee with a special person, another might think about their first job as a barista, and a third person may think of their morning ritual. These stories we assign to photographs connect us to these images. Photographers do their best to create a venue for people to establish these connections; sometimes we succeed.


I am always thankful when people let me take their pictures but I especially appreciate it when I am shooting film. With a film camera, I can’t give them the instant gratification of reviewing an image. So, it takes a lot of trust in a stranger to take your picture if they aren’t even going to show it to you. Thanks people.

This is another series with my mamiya 645 on Kodak Ektar 100 film.

Got a Cigarette?

I didn’t have a cigarette for him so he finished the last few puffs of the one he was already smoking.


Typically when someone is going out for a photo walk, they try bring as little gear as possible. I wanted to see what happened if I had a strong strobe and my full (almost) camera bag. At the risk of sore shoulders and looking a little silly, I walked out of my place with softbox mounted tripod and my bag. Here are a few photos from that evening.

Uncle Dave

He is known as Uncle Dave around town. He teaches a music class every day at the public library. Some days his classes are packed and other days no one shows up.


I loved that he had a Apple Watch on both wrists. He said that they both connected to two different phones.


Asher is a Sophomore from NYU and was visiting for a Karate event. I found him sitting here amongst a few hundred other people who were playing Pokémon Go.


Beginning something is always hard. This guy was the first person to step in my studio. He was standing behind me as I was setting up and I asked him if he would let me photograph him; without saying a word, he slowly walked in front of my light.

Street Corner Studio

During July’s “Arts Night Out” in Old Town, I set up a mobile backdrop and one really powerful studio strobe on a street corner; these are the portraits that resulted from an hour of talking to strangers. I am always so interested in how many people we pass by every day and I hope this project preserves cross-sections of those passing moments. I was just reading a paper about how most people only look into each other’s eyes for a few short moments.

“Most animals look at each other to signal threat or interest. In humans, this social interaction is usually punctuated with brief periods of mutual eye contact. Deviations from this pattern of gazing behaviour generally make us feel uncomfortable and are a defining characteristic of clinical conditions such as autism or schizophrenia, yet it is unclear what constitutes normal eye contact (Binetti, 2016).”

When we look through a portrait series like this, we allow ourselves to look into a person’s eyes and layers of personality slowly start revealing themselves. Isn’t that cool? Gah! I can’t get over this pilot project. I will be doing a lot more of these around the state. Keep an eye on this blog for more versions.

Binetti, N., Harrison, C., Coutrot, A., Johnston, A., & Mareschal, I. (2016). Pupil dilation as an index of preferred mutual gaze duration Royal Society Open Science, 3 (7) DOI: 10.1098/rsos.160086


This guy was walking/jogging around and dancing. He was full of life and I barely caught him in time to get his attention.

Andrew Farmer

I only stopped him because of his awesome beard and really cool jewelry. As I was photographing him, he told me that he was a musician.


She has swag.



“You Owe it to all of us to get on with what you’re good at.” W. H. Auden

In June, Angela Southern and I launched a monthly collaboration project. We start the month by giving each other a prompt, then, I spend the first 15 days working on a photo and Angela takes the second half of the month to letter. Here is the second photo in our series and I am in love with it. We decided to work with a one world prompt: work. Instead of the obvious imagery that is associated with work, I wanted to explore how beauty and toughness can communicate the same thing. I think this W.H. Auden quote goes along with the image perfectly.

I can’t believe how well Angela worked with the busy background and was able to give both the subject and the quote equal attention. I am feeling pretty thankful for being surrounded by such creative minds.

Lastly, a huge thanks to Mallory Goldman for dusting off her ballet shoes.

Aaron and Laura

June 28, 2016

At the Broad

The Eli and Edythe Broad Museum was a perfect backdrop for this wedding’s color palette.

I really hope you are ready to see an awesome wedding because this one blew me away. Meet Aaron and Laura; they are two of the kindest people I know. On top of that, they have a great sense of style and their wedding definitely showcases their aesthetic. Before I get too far ahead of myself let me tell you a little bit about them. They both live in Chicago but Laura went to school at Michigan State University and they decided to have their wedding at the MSU gardens.

They met each other on a train … yup, just like in the movies. As you can imagine, with a story like that, everything that follows starts having a romantic snowball effect. I hope these pictures can give you a glimpse into how much they love each other and little cross-sections into their wedding day.

If you hover over (tap on mobile) some of the pictures you can read more of a back story about each of them.




I still can’t get over this but Aaron’s suit was the definition of how a suit should fit. He got it custom made for his wedding and had incorporated a bunch of details to match his style.


Much before the wedding, Laura sent me an email with photos of this dress. I had been waiting to shoot it since that email.


Khalid Angela Exchange

The final product from the May 2016 collaboration with Angela.

This reminds me of those long runs when you keep repeating a mantra. After a few miles everything starts happening in a beautiful rhythm of your cadence, your breathing, and you heartbeats.

Angela Southern and I are launching a new collaborative project. If you haven’t seen her work already, be sure to check out her portfolio. She is an absolutely incredible lettering artist and illustrator. We have known each other for years and I am so excited to bring our work together. Every month, we will be working from one prompt and creating a joint piece at the end. I will be sharing these collaborations here on my blog and on Instagram.


A photo of Dr. Mona (she goes by her first name) outside Hurley Children’s Center in Flint.

My camera brings me across some incredible personalities. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha’s name is synonymous with “Flint Water Crisis”—her research blew the lid off the lead poisoning of thousands of people in Flint. She has been interviewed on CNN about her work, written for the New York Times, and most recently named one of the Time’s 2016 100 most influential people. A few weeks after her research findings were announced, I was asked to go to Flint to photograph her for an Inspirational Woman of the Year Award.

Before arriving, I knew I would have just a few minutes with Dr. Mona. However, as soon as I shook her hand, I felt a sense of calm. I’m grateful for her time spent taking portraits amidst a day of her clinical obligations. Sometimes, I have a very small window to tell someone’s story. In the little bit of time we had together, these photos were my impression of Dr. Mona.

Sara and Corey

March 20, 2016
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A third of the guest at this wedding were kids. Sara and Corey had all the right things to keep them occupied. I loved the personality these added to the wedding and whenever the adults started to slow down, the kids brought them back to the dance floor. The film rolls from this wedding are off to the lab tomorrow but here is a quick next-day-edit of the digital images for Sara and Corey. enjoy!


Playlist for a Stranger

February 20, 2016

I saw this woman taking pictures in Downtown Chicago and I made her a playlist. Check it out: