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Beards in Jackson

May 24, 2013
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Last weekend this guy was on a 17 hour motorcycle ride. He is living the dream; “let your beard flag fly.”

Jackson, Michigan

Jimmy (Owner of New Holland Brewery) and Lyman (President of the┬áJackson Beard & Moustache Club) invited me out to Jackson, Michigan to do these portraits. I didn’t really know many people here but got to meet incredibly talented folks. Three of my subjects were photographers and it always makes me nervous to photograph photographers. I am really proud of these photos and I hope you like them too. Thanks for stopping by.


Lyman has an incredible heart and it is not so often that you come across such genuine people. I am honored to be his friend.


I was really impressed by how sharp people looked.


He used to be a male model, now he is a bearded male model.

Any thoughts?