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I am really excited to share images from the shoot with the Tesla Type S. I shot this for Autoweek Magazine and because of our contract, I wasn’t allowed to share the photos till a month after publication. Here are a few of the images they didn’t print and a few they loved.


We shot the car in front of rolling hills of coal. Asthetically the red car popped in front of the black coal but it was also cool to juxtapose the 100% electric car in front of an environmentally dirty energy source.

and more coal

Another perspective infront of coal. I think this is my favorite shot form the set but it didn’t fit into Autoweek’s story and they didn’t publish it.


This is the center panel in the Tesla Type S. As we were driving we pulled up the Autoweek page.


This car was very fast and the drive was incredibly memorable. It was slightly unnerving to drive that fast without the sound of an engine raging in the background.

Finally the covers

This is the what Autoweek published. I hope you got to check it out in print.