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Art Prize 2012

October 11, 2012
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A few weeks ago me and a few of my friends went for a walk around Grand Rapids, MI, for ArtPrize.  The High Five venue was by far my favorite venue and the highlight of my trip. The art at High Five was curated by Brant Raterink and the aesthetic of the whole venue were exactly what I was hoping to see at ArtPrize. Towards the back of this venue, I saw these hanging lights. The piece is called “Waves of waves” by Scott Naylor. Even though I try not to take pictures of other people’s art, maybe I can bend the rules a little by showing how we interacted with Naylor’ piece.

The artist describes “Waves of waves” as:

A sculptural representation of a wave cresting over you. The waves of sound and lighting blend together with a tangible sculpture element. Hidden inside the lighting arrangement is a network of overlapping mathematical spirals. Let this piece envelope you and experience nuances as well as the grandeur.

Any thoughts?