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Amy and Jake

November 11, 2014
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Amy and Jake

Meet Amy and Jake! People have been asking me about photos from their Harry Potter themed wedding since the day I shot it. Their love for each other is incredible and I hope you get a glimpse of it in these wedding photos.

From NY to MI

Amy, Jake, and I had been emailing each other for almost a year as they planned their wedding. Both of them are grad students at Cornell. As undergraduates they had more scientific publications than most post-grads or even young faculty. As you would expect at any chemist’s wedding, they put on their lab coats at the ceremony and mixed two liquids to make a green solution. All the little details at Amy and Jake’s wedding had direct connections to their personalities and as the guests discovered little things at their wedding, they learned more about them as a couple. Also, keep an eye out for all the Harry Potter references at the reception.


These boutineers are made from pages from the Harry Potter books.


Jake getting ready a few floors up from where his Bride was putting the final touches on her hair and make-up.

Amy gets ready

Amy and her mom right after Amy put on the wedding dress.


A wedding bouquet made of pages from the Harry Potter books. I learned that the “Harry” is mentioned A LOT in these books.


A beautiful wedding ceremony in MSU’s botanical gardens.


I have this obsession with hands because they tell so many stories about us. During the ceremony, Amy and Jake turned towards their wedding guests and I loved this perspective.


The old chemistry building on Michigan State University’s campus.


The Gothic architecture of North Campus fit in perfectly with this Harry Potter themed wedding.


Yup, that is the golden snitch.

Floo Powder

Here is the Floo Powder scene from Harry Potter:

Lacewing Flies

You will need these for your pollyjuice potion.

Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder

Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder produces darkness that can’t be penetrated by wand light. Get your Harry Potter facts right here at


Single pink roses as center-pieces for the wedding reception.

Kind words


This wedding ended with an awesome dance party.

Any thoughts?