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Amber and Josh

July 4, 2015

A USVI Wedding

Amber and Josh have been visiting St. John for many years. People on the street knew their names and it was obvious that this this Island is a second home to both Josh and Amber. I am always humbled when people invite me to photograph their most special moments and this whole weeks was full of moments like that.
I put together a series of photos to share one day from their week long wedding celebration.
Also, if you are planning an island wedding, I highly recommend you go forward with it.



Most of the wedding guests rented villas around the Island. I am always drawn to maps and this one put this wedding venue in perspective.


The bride and the bridesmaids had these gowns. I loved how much attention Amber and Josh paid to little details. The bridesmaids gowns had these bougainvillea flowers in their pockets waiting for their arrival.


Amber and Josh’s wedding rings on sea fan coral.


Amber’s dress perfectly matched her personality. I love how classy this is and I loved photographing her in it.


Here is a view from the bride and groom’s villa where Josh was getting ready.


Amber’s champagne glass as the makeup artist and the hair stylist were working with her.


The beautiful bride a few hours before the ceremony.


I can only imagine what it is like for parents to see their kids get married. Some of these emotions come through perfectly in photos.

Amber in her Dress

Amber before the ceremony. We were running a little late based on mainland expectations of punctuality but according to “island standard time” we were right on schedule.


I love moments like this because sometimes the best stories are told in between bigger milestones. Here Amber is getting in the car to head down to Trunk’s bay.

To the Ceremony

The beautiful Amber down at the Trunk’s bay parking lot. eeeek!! She is about to get married.

Trunk's Bay

Here is a view from above looking down on one of the best beaches in the world. That is where these two got married.


All set for the wedding.

To the Ceremony

The groomsmen headed down to the ceremony venue to stand beside Josh.


The leaves along the aisle.


Here is Josh and his groomsmen as the bride walked down the aisle.


I think everyone is holding back tears

All the Guests

I love that we were able to do this photo. Amber and Josh had a very intimate wedding and it is rare that you can get a full wedding photo like this.


I can’t get over how much I love this photo set. Here are Amber and Josh along Trunk’s bay.


I think that smile says it all. I love these two.


Yup, I think this is the best version. I hope they don’t hate me for putting it up.

Sun sets

As the sun started setting we went to the reception venue.


Expressions like this make my day. I love being able to capture real emotion and I couldn’t have asked for more for this photo.

Any thoughts?


  1. Ashley @ Fit Mitten Kitchen Jul 7, 2015

    Love this! So happy to re-live some of those moments. 😀 Wonderful work!! <3

  2. Loretta Gamble Jul 10, 2015

    Beautiful couple. Pray you ends of happiness together. I’m so glad you found true love.