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Alyson and Ken

January 2, 2014
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Ken and Alyson’s wedding venue was breathtaking. They got married in a valley near Blacksburg, Virginia and the whole day I was waiting to photograph them in front of this rock wall.

Ken and Alyson are two beautiful souls and we got to spend a whole weekend with both of them in Blacksburg, Virginia. I had been to this part of the United States before but Ken and Alyson’s wedding venue blew us away. I couldn’t have asked for a better location to shoot their wedding. The Ceremony was in a valley and we climbed up for a beautiful overhead view. This photo story of their wedding is filled with pictures of the beautiful setting and an awesome party with Ken and Alyson’s best friends. enjoy!


I hung up her dress at the reception venue. Alyson didn’t get in her dress until she got to the venue.


I met up with Alyson when she was getting ready amongst all her bridal party. We were in one of the hotel suites just a few miles away from the guys.


On of Alyson’s friends waiting for her turn in the makeup chair.

Getting Dressed

Moments like these are what make me love photography.

Ken and David

David and Ken became awesome friends when they met each other in East Lansing. Many of their wedding guests had flown long distances to make it out to this wedding.

Family with Ken

Family and friends at the house where Ken got ready.


A freshly ironed shirt thanks to Ken’s Mom.

Parking Lot

Ken’s groomsmen were waiting for him at the venue.

The Setting

The absolutely beautiful setting for Ken and Alyson’s wedding. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked to the terrace to look over the valley.


Meet Alyson’s family.

Bridal Party

The full bridal party, the bride, the groom went on a walk around the golf course and this is where we got some of our big group photos.



Before the ceremony started we climbed up on an adjacent hill and got these overhead shots. This was the only way I could represent how beautiful the wedding was; a perfect combination of water and trees.


I love how you can see the anticipation in Alyson’s experssion. This is her just before the start of the ceremony.



Any thoughts?

One Comment

  1. Melanie Jan 4, 2014

    Amazing. Bravo to the photography team. And kudos to the rest of us for being amazing subjects. Way to go, people. 😉